Business Marketing and Development

We want to understand your business wants and needs so that we may assist in the path to push your business onwards and upwards. We aim to build your marketing plan and work with you over an agreed period, maintaining your campaigns, updating your current marketing tools such as your website, your social media interactions, assist you in dealing with local media, in fact the entire way you promote your business.

Media Understanding and Coverage

Media is a unique business, it is about having key 'headlines' and stories that the media want to tell people about, and they want to be the first to tell people, most of the marketing that you would like, you cannot pay for, it is about understanding them, and that’s where we come in!

This is where we bring our wealth of skills and contacts to the forefront. We understand press and Media; we know what motivates them into becoming interested in you and your business.

PR and Marketing Consultancy

We will plan and organise press releases for your business. It is great to know that we are here for you if the press or media contact you. We will act as 'your middle man' ensuring we maximise any Positive Publicity, and minimise unpopular attention. At Niche we understand that the ways which a company promotes itself has changed and continues to change rapidly through various online outlets. We aim to work alongside you with the setup and maintenance of social networking sites so that your business may be promoted through the most effective channels of communication.

PR Campaigns, Promotions and Networking

Here at Niche, the team ensure your campaign has the right message and reaches the right people. We will direct your business on the most positive path to ensure that you budget is being used to its best potential and most effectively whilst also monitoring areas that are beneficial to your brand.

We have unique ways of providing you with some noticeable promotions techniques and are social and business butterflies. Networking is our Thing!

Event Promotions

If you are considering holding an event to promote your company, or the actual event itself is your income, the team here would love to help you. We have a wealth of contacts and skills within the company that will really help bring your event ALIVE. We can help with all aspects of the Event from planning, Marketing, Logos, stage management, entertainment, PR Teams, uniforms, Venue Decor..... The list is endless and we would love to help make your event a success!